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Hi, I'm Katrina Wall, Certifying Birth Doula

I am thoroughly passionate about pregnancy and birth! I love to talk to people about this topic and enjoy learning more and more about it. I also love health and wellness! I am always learning new things and want to help people be healthy and happy, especially through pregnancy and birth. After the births of my two girls, I knew I wanted to somehow empower women in their birth journey's and give them the confidence, inner strength and evidence to have a great birth. I found out about Doulas and have been learning and working hard ever since. I am currently a certifying birth Doula at Doulasinc and am also a Training VBAC Doula at The VBAC Link.

Birth is not only about making babies. It's about making mothers- strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength. - Barbara Katz Rothman


I was extremely blessed to be Tina's first client. Since it was my third birth I was wondering if I  would even need a Doula, since my other two births were easy with just midwives. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how useful the extra hands proved to be! See that's the thing with birth, its completely unpredictable, different every time! The most essential thing is to have behind you a good support team! Tina comes highly recommended from me! I had a home birth with a 16 month old present as well. Since Tina has her own young daughters, my little girl clung to her with open arms throughout my labour. Tina helped me in all the little ways I couldn't help myself during heavy contractions. She helped me up and to the bathroom, held my puke bag, grabbed me water, kept a cool towel on my head, and even made me food afterwards. It felt super safe and secure having someone I trusted taking care of every little detail for me. I didn't have to worry about a thing, just relax and enjoy my new baby! I also have to say, I would have never known I was the first client, she's super professional, well studied and calm, which is exactly what you need in an eventful birth.

Sylvie W.