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Prenatal Nutrition

Pantry 101

1 hour visit
Virtual or in person

  • review what you have in your pantry & fridge

  • educate you in what foods may be serving your health & what foods may be detrimental to your health
    create ways to shift your food choices

  • where & how to find such foods

  • basic food prep technique

Individual Nutrition Consult

1 hour

For individuals who are ready to make dietary changes and feel they need some extra education, support, and accountability through this process. Pregnancy does alter your nutritional needs and it is important to nourish yourself properly so that your baby can grow and thrive.
  • prenatal nutrition education 
  • 4 week support & accountability 
  • 4 week meal plans with recipes
  • suggests better formula for current diet
  • dietary preferences & needs for you and family


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