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Tina Wall

Certified Birth Doula

After the births of my two girls, I knew I wanted to somehow empower women in their birth journey's and give them the confidence, inner strength and evidence to have a great birth. I found out about Doulas and have been learning and working hard ever since. I am currently a certifying birth Doula at Doulasinc and am also a certified VBAC Doula at The VBAC Link. 

I believe that every woman deserves to have a passionate and supportive person on their side during their pregnancy and birth. I love to support women and their partners through their experience and try to help make it as positive and healthy as possible. Pregnancy and birth is something beautiful and I would love to be your support for every step of the way! I am serving Niagara and Hamilton regions.


Outside of my life as a Doula, I homeschool my two daughters, which I really enjoy. I love to open my home to friends and family. I love to read, work in my garden, go for long walks, cook healthy foods, learn about health, and I enjoy working my Plexus business of health and happiness.

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